Hear it from the Source

My son is a member of this academy and has been for 7 years, he attends every Saturday morning I can say I am over the moon happy with the way they have set him on the right path in life. He will be competing in the Unified world Championships this October in Italy hopefully he will do Richard & Tim (coaches) proud!

Chris Mullane

Couldn’t recommend highly enough! My daughter joined Little Dragons age 4 and still loves the Taekwondo classes 5 years on. The coaches are super supportive and make the classes fun, whilst encouraging kids to push beyond comfort zones 👊🏼🙌🏻

Jess Greaves

Our son started training with Rich when he was 6 years old, he's now almost 13 and a second degree black belt, and hes not planning on stopping any time soon! His 2 sisters also started a year ago and his Dad even started at the kickboxing class. Derbyshire Dragons has great supportive instructors and a friendly atmosphere, we highly recommend for anyone looking for martial arts classes.

Our son has been with Derbyshire Dragons for 5 years, since he was 4 yrs old and he is now the proud owner of his red belt!! Fabulous coaches, brilliant ethos and teaching life long lessons along the way! Highly recommended!

Salina Odell

Donna Traves

Great tutors coupled with great tuition-it doesn’t get any better!

Dani Marson

My son started a few months back with Tae Kwon Do, and he absolutely loves it! His instructors are lovely and easy to talk to, and he has found something he really enjoys doing. Would recommend !!

Mikki Beresford

Both my lads go here and they love it, great coaches and would highly recommend

Both my children enjoy their taekwondo lessons - the instructors are patient, kind, and make it fun - whilst improving my kids’ fitness, self confidence and a host of other benefits that come with learning a martial art. Fully recommend.

Katie Louise Hardy

Andrea Sargent

Both my boys have started the Derbyshire little dragons and they absolutely love it , great instructors who run the class and they learn soo much from it. Thank you Derbyshire Dragon.

Jacqui Barlow

Both my children have been going every Saturday morning for about 3 years now. I can definitely say that has been something that they have focused on, in fact my son has competed in some fantastic competitions even the worlds in Italy. Thanks to the coaches who are just the best guys cheers Chris

Chris Mullane

Absolutely amazing class. My little boy started as a little dragon a few years ago. It has helped him listen, respect others, knows all about stranger awareness and the instructors are brilliant. Thank you. Highly recommended

Can't recommend highly enough. Both of our children attend - they love it, learn valuable skills and get plenty of exercise.

Louise Atkinson

Gayle Hodges

I started kickboxing with Derbyshire Dragons recently. At 56 yrs of age I was out of condition and wanted to get fit again. The classes have been hard work physically but I'm already starting to feel the benefit in fitness and flexibility. There's a good friendly atmosphere, the instructors are very good and the other students always help and encourage. Definitely recommended.

Our children started training with Derbyshire Dragons a couple of months ago and it’s been a fantastic experience for both of them. The instructors were so welcoming and reassuring when they started, they really put the kids at ease. They are lovely people who have really inspired our kids. Derbyshire Dragons are just awesome!

Chris Caul

Claire Shaw

For anybody thinking of giving it a try. Our 10yr old Son recently joined and absolutely loves it, such great teachers who are clearly so dedicated to what they do. It’s so lovely feeling so welcomed at the Alvaston classes, the students are helpful and friendly and the other parents made us feel welcome too. Highly recommend Derbyshire Dragons.

Louise Rayner

Our son started in Little Dragons almost 2 years ago now and has moved up into Derbyshire Dragons and he absolutely loves it. As well as being a lot of fun it has really taught him a lot. As well as the obvious fitness and self defence he has learnt respect, discipline and appreciation of others. We couldn’t be happier with his progress. Highly recomended �

Agata Davey

definitely I would recommend Derbyshire Dragons.
My kids confidence has gone from strength to strength through the years.
Big thanks to all involved, your dedication is second to none.

Awesome instructors have so much time for the kids! Really fantastic community even the adults that train there have time to help the younger ones passing all they can on and taking a beating in the process it’s been great to watch all the kids coming though there grades and really growing in confidence and skill all down to the instructors investing there time,patience,knowledge big thumbs up guys

Fabiola Hernandez

Colin Adcock

Met Mr. Watkins and his students at the ITF Union squad training. They were not only of a high standard of ability, but more importantly very courteous, respectful and a pleasure to meet and talk to so would definitely recommend to anyone in their areas.

David Fairley

Awesome. Cannot fault the club at all. My two have certainly gained an awful lot from the instructors, and the other students and parents. Not just the martial art, they have gained in confidence, new friendships, self belief and they enjoy every session and given so much support. Thank you

Mel Ross

We looked at a few clubs close to home and we found that Derbyshire dragons is a great club, great instructors and a welcoming environment with the right balance of encouragement, fun and discipline. Teaches great life skills especially for younger children and some of the more experienced students also ensure they help the youngsters build confidence in a challenging yet safe and productive environment.

My son has been attending Derbyshire Dragons for a few years now. He loves it and is progressing well. Thank you to the team for creating a great environment for them to learn and have fun.

Jazz Singh

Sarah Swainson

Both of my boys have been members since they were toddlers. My eldest is now ten and almost a black belt. It’s improved their fitness, agility, taught them invaluable self-defence but most importantly good manners and self-control. All of the instructors are outstanding!

Kate Roe

Started taking my son to little dragons, he loved it, the team are supportive and encouraging and his confidence grew so fast it was amazing to watch... as soon as he moved up to the next class myself and the other half joined too! Great exercise, great family fun and I feel I’ve accomplished something after every lesson. Would and have recommended them!

Sianne Wardle

Our son started training as a Little Dragon, at 3 years old. Now, over 12 years later he's a third degree black belt, and also regularly competes at national competitions with many of the team from Derbyshire Dragons. I think it speaks for itself that he has been training for so many years, this is down to the friendly, supportive atmosphere, first class instructors, and the lasting friendships he's made along the way. I'd recommend Derbyshire Dragons to anyone thinking of starting a martial art, for themselves or their child.

My daughter has been attending Little Dragons for while and she absolutely loves it! l love the fact they cover stranger danger, increases her fitness and introduces her to discipline! They’re a great team!

Rosie Elliott

Seaneen Grady

My son, daughter, husband n myself all train with Derbyshire Dragons. We find we are now part of one big family. The support you get is amazing. My son has now been training since age 5 n now 13 n going for 3rd Dan. Love all instructors x

This is been my kickboxing gym for 9 years now, this place is like a second home and the instructors are great.

Beccy Mason

Anna Lakomska